The purpose of this website is to update parents on current matters and share information about Hermitage Academy which may be useful to the Parent Forum (if you’re a parent with a child at the HA then that’s you!) and others involved with the school.

The Parent Council members are as follows (2016/17 year groups):

S1 Reps – Tracey Niblock, Anne Grainger, Joanne O’Donnell
S2 Reps – Gilan Burch(also uses MaCleod) (2 Vacancies)
S3 Reps – Stella Kinloch, Val Reynard, Gordon Smith
S4 Reps – Jane Keightly, Anne Turner, Sheena Wain
S5 Reps – Suzanne MacCallum, (2 Vacancies)
S6 Reps – (3 Vacancies)

Learning Support – Pamela Pettit
Supported Families – Donna Hicks

Chair – Stella Kinloch
Vice Chair – Gordon Smith
Treasurer – Sheena Wain
Secretary – Suzanne MacCallum